Quito, Ecuador is an Amazing Place

Our most recent journey led us to Quito, Ecuador for an exploration of the city and surrounding countryside.

The culture and cuisine perfectly complement the natural beauty emanating throughout this magical place.

One can marvel at the grandeur of the statue ‘La Virgen de Quito’, standing with all her might at the top of El Panecillo – a 200meter hill that rises softly over the sprawling habitat. In the video to the left, our head of Drone Videography and lead-pilot captured a spectacular view of the civilization nestled in the valley below. 

 At Anything Aerial we take pride in recognizing the beauty of Mother Nature and the unmistakable connection that unifies all of us. We strive to capture Her beauty, and we hope to help conserve it so that future generations may enjoy the world as much as we do.

Follow us as we venture on an unprecedented journey. Unlock the answers through the magic of drone photography, videography, and technology.