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Drone Surveys and Consultation for Commercial Construction Projects

Commercial real estate in Charlotte, Concord & Matthews, NC continues to grow at an exponential rate, which means construction projects are breaking ground on a regular basis. And with every construction project that takes place in the greater Charlotte area, proper documentation and footage is a necessity. Whether to obtain an aerial view of what the land looks like before and after the project, to create a land survey, to create or add to a portfolio of projects, or any other need that may arise, professional aerial photography and videography services are required.

Our team at Anything Aerial uses state-of-the-art drones, expert knowledge, and careful craft to capture and convey construction projects like you have never seen before. We service all of Charlotte, Concord, Matthews and surrounding North & South Carolina cities with first-class aerial photography and videography services for construction projects.

Using Drone Videography to Help Push the Boundaries of Green Technology

The use of Green Technology is consistently becoming more affordable and more popular. Solar panels, wind turbines and fuel-efficient vehicles are at the forefront, but the use of drones and UAV (unmanned aerial vehicles) is the most rapidly evolving section of the technology boom. With state-of-the-art DJI products in the hands of our FAA licensed pilots, your construction photography will be more cost-effective, more efficient, more professional.

At Anything Aerial we are committed to playing our part by helping safely and creatively push the boundaries of Green Technology and drone videography services in the commercial construction sector.

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