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Utilize Aerial Photography & Videography Services in Charlotte, Concord & Matthews, NC for Your Music Video or Live Concert Shoot

As the cities of Charlotte, Concord & Matthews, NC continue to grow at a rapid pace, the music scene is expanding just as quickly. It seems that there are multiple venues and quality artists to choose from on a nightly basis, no matter what genre of music you prefer.

Whether you’re an aspiring musician or an established performer, Anything Aerial can help you maximize your presence. With 4k music videos and professional music photography, you will be setting up your project for success. Concert photography and live performance videography has never looked better, and we can tailor the final product to your personal, customized specifications.

At Anything Aerial, our FAA licensed pilots are fully insured and prepared to capture any type of footage that you require. Our professional editors and videographers will deliver a final product that you will be proud to associate with your brand. Call 704-759-6234 to get the best concert photography and drone videography for your next music video.

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